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From Nóra the Devil to Tímea Vajna - the stars also celebrated Christmas with crocodiles, deer and Kevin

From Nóra the Devil to Tímea Vajna – the stars also celebrated Christmas with crocodiles, deer and Kevin

Also this year, local stars and celebrities uploaded photos and videos of themselves, let’s see who went where, what they ate, what clothes and with whom!

TV2 host Nóra Ördög went with her family to a spa hotel. As he wrote, all things are arranged before Christmas by December 20, and from there they will focus only on each other and the holiday. “Before that, we sped insanely on the 24th, so the variance was huge. We’ve been consciously planning this ever since..

However, they didn’t typically owe Christmas either, because to their common side There was also a photo showing Nura Erdoğ with her husband Pal Nancy and children.

Attila Till showed him wrestling a huge tree and then posted a picture of how the decoration should be placed – but this trick actually requires a ladder.

“If the sun shines on you, I’ll be me/o If you get cold I’ll warm you up/If you cry, I’ll do my best for you/I’ll ​​send my tears and my tears with the rain,” Pápai Joci said in an Insta Story. Hana song.

Bomber Kata appeared in a beautiful red dress On the side of the community. And in his story, he showed what his Christmas tree looked like this year.

He also showed Katie Wolf a photo. “This concludes this year’s Advent vocal concerts, thanks for coming! I’m so grateful I’ve been able to work so much this year, I’ve always loved doing it, but I really appreciate my work, Covid, if I could even more than make music and sing.”

René Tolvay did not celebrate in a warm place either:

In 2014’s Miss Balaton, Király Lili showed off her tree, but she also posted a funny tree after her.

The farm posted a photo with Monica Erdelli’s daughter, who was seen in a VIP VIP, and it turns out from their Insta Story that they saw Tremble, Thieves!


King Linda wishes you a happy holiday with this picture:

Rosa Magdy announced in September that she was pregnant with triplets, and although she had been active for a long time, she hadn’t taken any action for some time. He showed in a photo how much his stomach is growing, and previously revealed that he’s definitely spending Christmas in the hospital. “Unfortunately, I’m sure I won’t be spending Christmas at home anymore, but I think one can conjure up Christmas all around because it’s about who’s next to you and what’s in your soul,” the singer said.

The article is not over, turn around, there are still interesting and interesting photos!

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