From Mars to Mars! A nuclear spacecraft is being tested in the United States

the NASA Its nuclear engine, which has been researched for decades, will be powered by a smaller nuclear reactor Space shipt, much more efficient than conventional rocket engines.

The American space explorationBill Nelson said that the goal of cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Defense is to operate the developed nuclear propulsion engine in 2027 at the latest, so that spacecraft carrying people can reach regions beyond the moon, NASA director said at a conference in Maryland.

the SONLINE According to Somogy Vármegyei Hírlap’s report, with the help of nuclear propulsion, the space shuttle crew will be able to reach Mars in just four months, while this journey currently takes nine months with a spacecraft that uses conventional fuel.

Engine development costs in 2023 are already $110 million (39.4 billion forints), but expenditures are expected to reach several hundred million dollars for the planned 2027 demonstration.

With development, traveling to Mars will be much easier and safer, because astronauts will be exposed to cosmic radiation for a much shorter period of time, and they will also have to carry less cargo and food.

The development of the new engines is also beneficial to the US Space Force, said NASA and DARPA officials, as the force will use nuclear-powered spacecraft to move satellites orbiting near the moon.

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