The famous videographer wanted to prove that modern diesel engines are far from buried, and can even run more efficiently than any fuel- or battery-powered vehicle.

In London, they rode a full tank, BMW 730d is five years oldAnd they didn’t even stop until Madrid, at least not to refuel. They did not go very slowly, they drove at a normal speed, but they avoided speed. The combination because the flight took 22 hours, which is why Achilles took with him a partner in the relay.

In the end, the G11 Seven drove 1,026 miles without refueling, which equates to 1,652 kilometers and consumed a total of 72 liters of fuel. The average consumption was 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The car was driven in Eco Pro mode and used Michelin e-Primacy tires for economy. By the way, there were still 7 liters of diesel in the tank, which would have covered 1100 miles, but they did not want to completely empty the tank, because it would not be very good for the technology.

The G11 730d Individually, its 265-horsepower 6-cylinder engine produces 620 Nm of torque. The robot parking function was the first of its kind in the world. To use it, you have to stand at the center line of the parking space and hold down a button on the display switch. A car can travel a maximum of one and a half times without a driver. There is also a traditional parking assistant, in which the driver gives fuel, but the car brakes automatically.

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