From 2024, the production of a new car brand will start in Hungary

It belongs to the Volkswagen Group Cobra Audi Hungaria Zrt on Wednesday announced the manufacturing of the brand’s SUV model starting in 2024.

According to the information, preparations for production have already begun at the company, and the new Cupra SUV model will be manufactured at Győr with various engines, including light hybrid technology and plug-in hybrids. The PHEV version represents the next generation of plug-in hybrid technology, providing a purely electric range of around one hundred kilometres.

Audi Hungary currently Audi It produces the Q3, Q3 Sportback, and mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of these models, as well as the Audi TT Coupé and TT Roadster in Győr.

According to Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria, Audi Hungaria has become a trusted partner of the Volkswagen Group companies in more and more areas with its wide product range and comprehensive service range.
By producing the Cupra model, they will make utilization of the vehicle factory capacity more efficient, contribute to strengthening their international standing and highlight and production flexibility of their vehicles, thus ensuring the long-term employment of their employees.

Audi, headquartered in Győr, is the central supplier of engines for the Audi and Volkswagen Group, with engines manufactured in Győr reviving a number of Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Cupra, Bentley and Lamborghini models, while their tooling plant produces body parts Parts for exclusive Volkswagen and Audi models.

The Cupra model will be integrated into the existing manufacturing structure by exploiting the synergies between products and technologies. Preparations affect the chassis of the car to the maximum.

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Last year, the Audi Hungaria Zrt generated sales of 7.717 billion euros, an increase of 2.6% or 199 million euros over 2020. On the other hand, the company’s after-tax profit was 332 million euros, down 33 percent from 167.1 million euros in the year Previous.

Last year, a total of 1,620,767 engines were produced in Gyr, 40,832 less than in 2020, while 171,015 cars were produced, an increase of 15,858 over the previous year.

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