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Fried fish on a paper plate can truly be an unforgettable experience – 40 years of Római-parti Rowing Beer Garden

Fried fish on a paper plate can truly be an unforgettable experience – 40 years of Római-parti Rowing Beer Garden

Summer and with it the hedge season has begun, it is worth heading towards Római. Római-part played the role of a kind of mini-resort in the life of the residents of the capital. This stretch of the Danube coast meets the city without any inconvenience, and has the great advantage, that it can be reached easily and quickly. Cyclists can also use it as an intermediate stop when cycling towards the Danube, but it can also be the destination, and it is very nice to stop here, even for a short rest. The walkable coastline from the Northern Railway Bridge to Migiri Bridge is just over 4 kilometers long, and restaurants are lined almost along the way. This is where urbanization meets the Danube and nature. This is why Római is unique in Budapest: a huge public park where nature, river and city merge into one.

Evezős Sörkert / Photo: Evezős Sörkert

The oldest of these places, and perhaps the most famous of them all, is Evis, which is about as old as this environment can handle, and its choice of food doesn’t overwhelm a crowd accustomed to batters, hamburgers and flamboyants. The last point is not included in the offer, but instead there is trout and salmon soup, as well as an overview of seafood, and for those who prefer a healthy lifestyle, there are various salads. A hamburger was also included in the offer so that the family didn’t have to choose their lunch from 2-3 different restaurants, if everyone was in the mood for something different. Although the rowing house has undergone several renovations, this one does not lose its Romanesque style. It’s no-frills either, with dishes served on paper plates that can be eaten comfortably on the covered porch. Római is a place for fish, so it is not recommended to get carried away with the show, at best to extend it.

Photo: Oevzős Sörkert

We eat these foods seasonally, and for that reason alone, it doesn’t matter what kind of experience they leave us with. Incidentally, heck is increasingly appearing in the range of topét gyms as well.

Gergo Bens, Professional Director of Catering Services at Eventrend Group, still believes that despite the increase in the amount consumed during summer and Christmas, Hungarians still do not eat enough fish. In the summer, hake is really popular, but even then it does not sell as often as this dry-fleshed white fish deserves. Of course, it has to be well prepared, but at Evis they take care of that too, skillfully directing guests towards other fish dishes.

Photo: Oevzős Sörkert

Római is a completely seasonal place, so Evezős is also open from May to September, but on summer weekends up to 1200 guests come here. The restaurant is the ‘mayor’ – or ‘grandmother’ – of the Római Coast, the oldest restaurant opening on the coast 40 years ago in 1983, which began as a family business when Lajos Farkas leased a bodega from the state. He later built the current restaurant and beer garden in its place. In 2017, the family decided not to run the restaurant anymore. Then it was taken over by the Eventrend Group, and Evez reopened first by renovating the kitchen and then the guest area. However, they did not touch the building in its traditional forms.

Evezős Sörkert / Photo: Evezős Sörkert

Public taste and encounter with gastronomy is influenced by these large-scale venues, through which the gastronomy of a nation or city is defined. The example of Ives shows that both ordinary and mediocre can be very good and high-quality.

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