Free shipments of vaccine are shipped by shipping distributors in the United States

Uber and Lyft offer free shipping to Americans who go to get a coronavirus vaccine or go home after being vaccinated. The special service will be available until July 4.

A special initiative by the Coronavirus Vaccination Project in the United States will be supported by two major cargo distribution companies. Uber and Lyft offer free transportation to Americans who go to get vaccinations or go home after vaccinations. BBC.

Free shipping will gradually become available over the next two weeks, and the initiative will run through U.S. National Day on July 4. The announcement came after demand for vaccines decreased in the United States in recent weeks, so the government is also trying to stimulate the vaccination trend by getting companies involved.

Uber Lyft will help the US vaccination campaign with free shippingSource: AFP / Getty Images / Scott Olson

According to the US target, by Independence Day on July 4, 70 percent of the US population will have at least one vaccination. By Monday, that rate was 46 percent.

By the way, Uber and Lyft will bear the transportation costs themselves, that is, they will not use government support for the project. The companies previously indicated that they are planning free shipments related to vaccination in poor communities, but the latest plan says it will be available to all residents of the United States.

Both companies confirmed that the initiative will not affect drivers’ income, which means that the companies will thus cover the revenues of the lost carriers.

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