Free Family Day of the Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences has been a huge success

Free Family Day of the Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences has been a huge success

Today, children and adults are treated to a free family day at the Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences. You can choose from interactive shows, presentations of live animals, books, concerts, and crafts. By the way, more than one hundred thousand children visit the institution every year with their families, with groups of kindergartens or schools – it was reported in M1 News.

Even in the morning, many people were waiting at the entrance to the Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences. Entry to Family Day was free all day.

Many colorful programs and concerts await visitors inside the building.

Awareness sessions were also held. Children can get acquainted, for example, with different types of metals, but they can also make crafts.

The permanent exhibitions were also a great success, with many people visiting the bee fair.

We’ve looked around a few times, and there was a time we were here with the Kindergarten, and we’re still here, and there was a time we came with Dad too, and then we were here as a trio. This is my third time heresaid a little girl.

The free Family Day is held on the first Sunday of every month at the museum.

Families can come for free, so we take advantage of it. Now the little boy is big, so you can come to watch such events. He can also learn a bit of science at any level he is interested in. He really liked animals, like stuffed animals and insectssaid the family man.

At the museum, they work every day of the year to make sure families and children feel satisfied and have many experiences at one of these events.

We are very proud to have won the title of Best Family Friendly Museum for the second time. The Museum tries to favor families in both its events and programs. We have a lot of children’s programs, and we know that children come either with the school on weekdays or with the family on the weekends. This is how we prepare to welcome families– said Zsolt Bernert, Director General of the Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences.

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The Natural History Museum is a place where adults as well as children feel good – said the Secretary of State in charge of families. Ágnes Hornung added: Families can spend quality time together on programs similar to the current one.

It is important for families to come to a place where they can spend time together, where children and young people as well as parents and grandparents can enjoy an experience, the Natural History Museum is such a place, because of the wonders that our nature offers to everyone new and new miracles every day– said the foreign minister.

The next free family day will take place on December 4 at the Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences.

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