Francesca Cesarini chose to dance on the pole without limbs

Francesca Cesarini chose to dance on the pole without limbs

The 15-year-old Italian girl is an example of perseverance for all of us.

Francesca Cesarini, now fifteen, was born with one leg and no hands, so her mother was quite surprised when, three years ago, the 12-year-old told her she wanted to learn to dance the acrobatic pole. (Gone are the days when pole dancing was restricted to the realm of strip clubs. It’s a very difficult sport, more and more people in the world – and men, too.) Despite the lack of limbs, adolescence is, of course, just like her contemporaries: she wears braces, loves fast food and pop music, loves everything Harry Potter does. On the other hand, perhaps a more determined and persistent degree than the others, he chose a sport that was very challenging even for those with all limbs.

“I don’t know if I saw him on social media for the first time or had a dream… All I know is that I woke up and went to him. [anyához]”I told him I wanted to do pole dancing,” Cesarini said. Reuters photographer.

This practice paid off: three years later, in 2021, he was already participating in the World Polo Federation and the Virtual World Championships in Gymnastics. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, pole dancers around the world have submitted videos of their series of practices, which were then judged by a jury. Francesca was the only player to start in the limb class, so she won a gold medal – but that certainly doesn’t detract from her performance, just watch her videos. And through his role, he may pave the way for those who follow him.

“It makes me feel free,” she said, working out with her trainer, Elena Imbrogno, at a local gym. “There are heavy items, for example, when you need to loosen screws, or maybe just hold onto one of your arms or legs,” he said.

Francesca has only one prosthesis for her legs, but she also wore bands on her arm until she was eight years old, but then decided not to wear them anymore because they would rather just disable them. And as her mother said in a report about her, she still didn’t want to wear anything like that.
“Francesca is a girl who knows what she wants. He wants to achieve certain goals,” said his 57-year-old father, Marco Cesarini. – Francesca like that, that’s it. He never had a hand, so he does everything he has.
Which, as the attached figure shows, may be more than what the average person does with four limbs.

Source: Reuters, highlighted by Getty Images

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