FPS mode could be coming to Fortnite in a matter of weeks

FPS mode could be coming to Fortnite in a matter of weeks

It wouldn’t be surprising, the leakers are also hinting at this.

Epic Games made an interesting announcement last week. On the final day of the invite-only FNCS event, which is now completely offline, a few seconds of video teaser were shown to the audience. At the beginning of December, a huge event will conclude the current season, and with it the third chapter. Of course, the developers have shortened previous chapters that spanned several years’ cycles to one year.

Up until now, the change of seasons has always meant a new path, and there’s a good chance it won’t be any different this time around. It is also worth noting that new islands always come with some kind of changing mechanics. In Chapter 2, for example, swimming was the new feature, while in Chapter 3, slide movement and the No Build mode were introduced.

Could it be the next FPS show?

The possibility of FPS / FPP mode was already mentioned in 2020, but at that time it was hard to imagine because of the build. Now that Zero Build has been a part of the game for about a year and users are loving it, it’s time to get Fortnite excited again. In the summer of 2022, HYPEX, Discovered by a veteran Fortnite data minerthat the Epic Games programmers have already started fine-tuning the long-awaited camera render.

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Just like the no-build modes, the new view can make old players come back, but many newcomers who didn’t like the previous TPS/TPP will also give up. Two weeks and all will be revealed, hopefully Epic Games will hit the high ball.

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