Lando Norris, McLaren

Fourth place reaches first place

Lando Norris was happy to find himself behind the Red Bulls and Charles Leclerc.

Already on Friday, McLaren was doing well, which surprised even the British rider. Then the 22-year-old pilot took her advertiser, the pathway properties likely have a beneficial effect on MCL. Not many changes were made by the wire, and the person in question was not expecting much improvement.

But on Saturday, the low-fuel Norris won a race 3rd free practiceand then on a timer He got the fourth starting cube. The result also required the poor performance of Carlos Sainz and the elimination of Fernando Alonso, but Norris happily admitted that they made progress.

“For us, that’s a very good result. In some ways, it’s like the lead. Especially when we look at the positions we’ve been in over the past few weeks. We barely made it to the second quarter in Bahrain and lagged a bit behind the third in Saudi Arabia. And now we’re there. “We’re still far behind in terms of pace, but if we look at the situation we’ve gone ahead. It’s good to see that, it’s a great achievement for me and the team too. I’m happy.” Said Norris to


The British rider added that the Alpine and Mercedes pace could be dangerous for them, but he would do everything in his power to keep them behind.


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