Four Years Later, Shadow Tactics - Shogun's Blades!

Four Years Later, Shadow Tactics – Shogun’s Blades!


Aiko option will be triggered by itself, and we can return to the game world in a brand new chapter.

27 Mar 2021 19:28 | Jerig | Category: Game

German Mimimi Games Suddenly became a favorite of millions four years ago with the release of Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun. This basically led to the revival of the very popular real-time tactical strategy game genre in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Plus, they did so at an amazingly high level.

The studio made its debut last year with Desperados III, which was no less, and fans have been debating since its release whether to continue with the squad or maybe create a commando-like piece. Well, it is not yet known if this is the case, but we can expect new adventures from them again this year.

But these adventures will take you back to the world of Shadow Tactics, where you get a standalone add-on. Shadow Tactics: Akio’s Choice With the title. Since you won’t need the base game to run this, you can actually think of it as a half-sequel.

Not surprisingly, the story centers on Aiko, the master of camouflage and distraction, whose past will have to deal with a demon. But you won’t be alone because your friends will be there to help you fight. During the adventures we have to infiltrate the secret forest camps, and other times we have to mingle with the city dwellers.

The gameplay is based on the base game, which means that hidden and silent killing will continue to play the main role based on the different abilities of the characters. The add-on promises to include three completely new main missions, all of which will direct fans to brand new locations. Additionally, there will be three shorter side missions.

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Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice is set to be released sometime near the end of the year, exclusively for PC. ■

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