Four wins out of seven Hungarian kayak preliminaries

Four wins out of seven Hungarian kayak preliminaries

Dóra Lucz and Anna Kárász qualified for Tuesday’s middle race of the 200m kayak qualifying every Monday. Of the Hungarians, 26-year-old UTE, three-time European champion, Lucz got on the water first on the Sea Forest Kayak-Canoe track and presented himself with the race victory, then Karasz finished second in race three.

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Balázs Adolf’s duo, Dániel Fejes, finished seventh in the lead on Monday, so later in the day he’ll have to get into the water even in the Hope Race. The young Hungarian doubles, almost the only ones in the international field on the right-hand side, could not have a say in the fate of the top two places to reach the middle race. Later, in the Hope Race, they didn’t make it to the top three either, so they said goodbye.

Balint Kopasz finished first in the second qualifying 1,000m kayak race on Monday, so he skipped the race of hopes, and immediately reached the semi-finals on Tuesday. The 24-year-old kayaker of Gyor, the world and European track champion, had five opponents on his first track, and just five years ago, Russia’s third-placed Roman Anuskin in Rio de Janeiro looked an even more dangerous opponent. , but in the end he was a bald rower and very confident.

Odam Varga finished second in the final preliminary round of the 1,000-meter kayak on Monday, so he can also prepare for the middle race on Tuesday at the Tokyo Olympic kayak race. The 21-year-old KSI athlete reached fifth for the King, promising his biggest opponent Jacob Schopf, the Germans’ rising star and World Cup winner in May in Szeged. The competition also emphasized the paper form, German and Hungarian kayakers quickly left the field and – despite the Chinese Chiang Tong eventually trying to attack them – confidently won both places to advance.

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Kuta Danuta, Bodoni Dura, Sibes Tamara and Medveczky Erika Kayak reached the 500m middle race. Cusack, the quintet champion, is a defending champion in the three 500s in the Japanese capital and won a gold medal in pairs with Gabriela Szabo five years ago in Rio. He met Bodoni from Szolnok in the spring and presented himself with the European Championship title. In qualifiers on Monday, they made their qualifier debut that deserved a chance, and their victory was not jeopardized by anyone and nothing.

By contrast, the song’s other Hungarian initiator, Tamara Sipes, Erika Medveczky, has been rowing together for years and is also a favorite in Tokyo. In the routine military duo’s first cycle, the Belarusian duo, Hudzenka and Litvincsuk, battled and finally, like the Kozák family, crossed the finish line first. (MTI)

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