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Four wins, 11 goals – Stuger Fradega in good shape before the start

Ahead of Tuesday’s BL qualifying match against Pristina in Kosovo, we sum up the experience of Ferencvaros’ summer training matches, and the most important changes to the frame – experience shows that the FTC is looking forward to the start, winning four summer training matches without exception, scoring 11 goals and scoring only one.

Peter Stoeger (in the hat) can look forward to a BL start against Pristina, as Ferencvaros have won four summer games so far, scored 11 goals and conceded just one (Photo: Karoli Orvay)


In the football team Ferencvaros The most important change of summer tOf course that was almost three years later Leave The Ukrainian coach of the team, the successful Ukrainian coach who led the squad to the BL and EL tournaments and three times for the gold medal in the tournament, Serhiy Rebrov.

He was replaced by Austria from Vienna, who had previously worked with German firsts FC Köln and Borussia Dortmund. Peter Stoger He immediately stated in his chair that he did not want to deviate from the successful path the team had taken in recent years. NB I promises a team that plays with a very offensive spirit, while the International Cup promises a team that can adapt to playing stronger opponents. The latter ability was the greatest virtue of Rebrov’s team, as he managed to take a different defensive position than the 4-4-3-1 match or the regular match last summer, for example in the qualifiers against Celtic or Dinamo Zagreb, with three midfielders also present. Play football effectively.

For now, Sturge has remained in the prep matches for the 4-2-3-1 system, and the results show that the team is still on the right track. It is true that in his last preparatory match of the summer against DAC with the silver medal in Slovakia, the offensive play of the team was still off, but Mirto Ozoni scored 11-0 with 11 goals, just like Polish champion Legia Warszawa (2-0), also against the owner of Bulgarian Ludurek (3-1) and German lower-tier Heimstetten (5-0) gold medalists.

Certainly, the four victories can give cause for optimism For Peter Stoeger before the English Premier League match against Pristina in Kosovo, especially since his team scored only one goal in the four matches and that the 11 goals he scored are not bad either. Experience has shown that defense has met, With a good chance As seen against the DAC Henry Wingo, Miha Blasic, Sami Mei, Eldar Civic will start four against Pristina, Lasa Dvali might still have a chance to get to Mmaee’s place.

All in all, we can say that although three former key men left Frady in the summer, they are the right-backs Jerji Lovernxx, left back Marcel Hester The attacking midfielder Ismael Personally, Ferencvaros did not weaken. Those on the roster weren’t considered indispensable the previous season either – not to mention that according to statistics, Heister, who signed Fehérvár, was NB I’s best left-back in the previous season – and started replacing them earlier, like right-back Wingo. Contract in the winter while JERA DANIEL And the Georgi Harisvili is an offensive midfielder, and another problem is that the latter hasn’t played in any summer games yet.

So far, Ferencvaros has signed a new player who arrived in the winter Brother of Sami Maei, the striker lethal ryan Who scored 14 goals at AEL in Cyprus the previous season, he has yet to find them at Fradi: he has played in all four training matches, three times as a starter. He also returned from the loan match in Zalagerzeg Szánthó Regő, Who scored 10 goals in NB I in ZTE the previous season but suffered an injury in the summer, did not play in training matches and was not named in the frame called BL (as, by the way, the aforementioned Giorgi Haraisvili is also not on the list and long-time injured Bosnian defender Adnan Kovashevich also).

At the same time, Tamas Hagnall, the club’s sporting director, said they still wanted to believe the left-back and midfielder from the outside. Excellent with the national team in the European Championships Potka Indri And in the case of the expected external interest, it would not be surprising for him to leave, not least because the preliminary matches showed that the defense would close well without him.

In training matches, one of the dominant players is expected to be in the offensive line Ozoni and Frank Polly also scored two goals each (Although the latter missed the last training match), Tokmac Nguen has yet to find her – however, they are expected to be key players in the duel against Pristina, perhaps Rocco Baturinat It should also be noted that despite making three substitutions in four matches, he scored two goals and fought from a penalty kick.

Ferenc city Summer program up NB I start
Preparation start:
June 8
Training camp:
Grassau (Germany), June 16-26.
June 20: Ferencváros – Legia Warszawa (Polish) 2-0 (Baturina, Civic) – Grassau (Germany)
June 23: Ferencvaros – Ludugurik (Bulgarian) 3-1 (Uzoni, Polly, Lydoni) – Kufstein (Austria)
June 25: Ferencváros – SV Heimstetten (German p. IV) 5-0 (Ramadan 2, Polly, Baturina, Gera D.)
Grassau (Germany)
June 30 Ferencváros – Dunaszerdahely (Slovakia) 1-0 (Ozuni – out of 11)
July 6, 6 p.m.: Ferencváros – Pristina (Kosovo) – BL 1 Qualifying Round
July 13, 8 p.m.: Pristina (Kosovo) – Ferencváros – BL 1 Qualifying Round

Summer players movement in Ferenc
Access: Ryan Mami (Belgian-Moroccan, deer of Limassol – Cyprus)
Returning on loan: Kornél Csernik Soroxar? Andras Csonka (Budafoki MTE), Bonnie Dominic (Soroxar), Ammar Ramadan (Suri, Soroxar), snow plow (ZTE FC), jerky sexy (Soroxar), Christopher’s love Soroxar? takax zsumbor Soroxar? Adam Farga Follow Favorite
Young recruits/concluded a professional contract:
Featured: Sam Adekogbei (Canada, Valerenga – Norway), Keanu Backus (Australia, Western Sydney Wanderers – Australia), Eduardo Macianangelo (Italian, Pescara – Italy)
Departures: Marcel Hester (Croatian German, Mol Fehérvár FC), Ismael (Brazilian, Umm Salal – Qatar, justified), Jerji Lovernxx (your contract expires), Michel Skvarka (Slovak, your contract expires)
Returning to their club on loan:
They can leave / be taken care of:

French city tire for the first round of the BL . qualification
Objectives: Ádám Bogdán, Dénes Dibusz, dám Varga.
Hama: Maiha Blazek, Andrei Botka, Dominic Cassentos, Lasha Dvali, Eldar Civic, Sami Mami, Henry Wingo
Intermediate paths: András Csonka, Dániel Gera, Ihor Haratin, Aissa Laidouni, Róbert Mak, Dávid Sigér, Somalia, Balint Vicki, Oleksandr Zubkov
Attackers: Rocco Baturina, Frank Polley, Ryan Mami, Tokmak Nguyen, Damir Redzic, Mirto Uzuni
Leader: Peter Stoger

Champions League qualifications
round 1
First match:
Tuesday, July 6, 6 p.m.:
FERENC CITY – FC Prishtina (Kosovo)
Fifth: David Munro (Scottish)
Tuesday, July 13, 8 p.m.:
Pristina (Kosovo) – Conference City
Fifth: De Gabriel (Malta)

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