Four Black Round Table Discussions You Need To Be A Part Of:

Not much can beat having a good conversation filled with substance and laughter. Unfortunately, those conversations don’t always happen on a daily basis. Which means there might be times where you find yourself craving satisfying dialog in moments when you can’t have them (for whatever reason). Thankfully, black YouTube creators are providing content that fulfills this need. Round table discussions are on the rise and because of them people worldwide are able to join in on a conversation that involves the opinion of a diverse group. YouTube shows such as College Talk, The Mix, and The Grapevine are centered around people of color having important discussions about topics that affect many of us. These discussion shows are crucial because they offer minorities a chance to have a voice. They provide them a safe place on the internet for people who might not have it otherwise. There are many segments on YouTube that offer a round table discussion feel, but here are the top five you must know about!


The Grapevine:

The Grapevine, hosted by Ashley Akunna, is arguably the current leader when it comes to round table discussion segments. Their panel has covered topics such as “why are men trash”, “why black women are single”, and the hit tv show Insecure. The Grapevine even trended on twitter for days over their discussion on if Bruno Mars should be considered as someone who appropriates culture. If you’re looking to take part in a deep discussion that will hopefully expand your outlook on certain situations then this is the show for you!

College Talk (shameless plug):

Since we’re talking about discussion segments I’m going to use this moment to shamelessly put ya’ll onto my own segment. This year I launched my very own round table discussion called College Talk. This show is perfect for not only current college students but also high-school seniors who will be attending college soon. The purpose of College Talk is to openly discuss things that typically happen on a college campus. We talk about everything from dealing with stress to handling the so called “walk of shame”. If you want to get in on our latest discussion then be sure to check us out!

The Mix:

If you’ve been keeping up with all things Campuslately then The Mix should be a name you recognize. Last year I had the opportunity to interview the shows founder, Austin Baynard, who gave Campuslately the inside scoop on The Mix. Since then the show has just recently started their second season and has gained a huge following. The Mix is truly the voice of this generation! The panelist on this show discuss everything from racial issues to what songs should be on your playlist! I recently had the chance to interview Austin again and I can’t wait for ya’ll to read about what you can expect from The Mix in the future. In the meantime, be sure to check out their YouTube channel and join in on the conversation!

Cindyrella OG:

Cindyrella OG is a college YouTuber whose channel consist of vlogs, beauty videos, and of course, discussion segments. Cindy has gained a huge following due to her “asking for a friend” segment where her fans send in questions and Cindy and her friends offer them advice. Cindy also has a segment where she talks about issues that college students typically face while in school.





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