Forza Motorsport will not be getting an original Xbox One release

While the previous console generation isn’t quite behind the Forza Motorsport races coming this year, Microsoft and Turn10 aren’t making a true Xbox One port.

When Forza Motorsport debuted last summer, the end of the first trailer pointed to PC and Xbox as the game’s target platforms. Accordingly, owners of the Xbox One, which is slowly approaching its 10th anniversary, can also take note, because Microsoft has not announced that the highly anticipated racing simulator will only be available for Xbox Series X and Series S.

Of course, those who followed the Microsoft & Bethesda Developer_Direct events on Wednesday were able to admire the details of Forza Motorsport with their mouths wide open, and after what we saw on screen, the news that Turn10 isn’t making an original port of the previous generation shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to us – this game on his website Studio confirmed.

However, this does not mean that Xbox One gamers will be left out of the fun, because Xbox Cloud Streaming is a huge trump card. The Xbox Series X version of the racing simulator can be played without any issues on Xbox One, and of course, on other game streaming devices as well. This will be an option available from day one, as Forza Motorsport, as a first-party title from Microsoft, will immediately join the Xbox Game Pass library.

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