Fortnite can get roads without constructions

Fortnite can get roads without constructions

Epic has paused game mechanics this week.

With a big surprise, the second season of Fortnite’s Chapter 3 kicks off this week, with Epic turning off the strategic building mechanics of the main battle royale mode, which it claims will be back in early April. In terms of gameplay, Fortnite is distinguished from competitors by its construction, without which it offers a simpler and more polished experience, judging by the comments, the larger audience does not mind at all.

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From the start, it’s been suspected that Epic may have halted build as a test case, and researchers in Fortnite databases have come up with clues based on new loading screen hints and soon-to-be widgets for an unbuilded version of each game mode.

It looks like players will be able to choose to play with or without the building.

This move is not a shocker on the part of Epic, as the no-build mode serves a portion of the current Fortnite audience on the one hand, and speaks volumes to players who have not tried the game before due to the design.

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