Újabb csúszás: a Forspoken sem fog időben megjelenni bevezetőkép

Forspoken won’t be released in time either

The new Square Enix game is over. Forsboken was supposed to arrive in May of this year.

Square Enix officially announced today that it couldn’t stick to the original schedule, so they had to postpone the release of Forspoken (also known as Project Athia as a debut). The RPG was supposed to be released on May 23, but it took about five months, with October 11, 2022 being the new release date (and we can’t help but hope it finally comes out).

Providing a new IP address is never an easy task, so we’re really glad that Square doesn’t want to get involved this time, but rather give developers more time – we’ve already seen an example of the opposite, even within the publisher.

Once it finally comes out, Forspoken will come as a PC and PlayStation 5 exclusive title, which means previous generation players, xbox and nintendo will be coming out of it completely. In the game, the protagonist, Fry somehow moves from our world into a fictional environment. The starting lineup looks very interesting.

Here is the official announcement from the competent authorities:

Forspoken is the responsibility of Luminous Productions, to which we used to owe Final Fantasy XV – in 2018, Square Enix decided to form a studio separate from the in-house team.

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