Formula E: The next season consists of twelve stations

Formula E: The next season consists of twelve stations

Formula E, which showcases electric Formula cars, has revealed the racing calendar for its 2021-2022 season, which includes 12 stops.

Photo: AFP

Although it will officially be the 2021-2022 season, the scheduled date for all competitions is 2022.


The season-opening race will take place in Saudi Arabia in late January, while the shutdown will be in mid-August in South Korea.

In addition to Seoul, Vancouver and Cape Town present themselves as new places to go. According to the current situation, two competitions will be held in Saudi Arabia, New York, London and Seoul, one at each of the other stations.

The location in China has not yet been agreed, but several cities are being negotiated. A place is also being sought for the June 4th race.

Formula E calendar 2021-2022
January 28-29: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
February 12: Mexico, Mexico City
February 26: South Africa, Cape Town
March 19: China, a city to be determined
April 9: Italy Rome
April 30: Monaco, Monte Carlo
May 14: Germany Berlin
June 4th: The location will be determined later
2 July: Canada, Vancouver
16-17 July: Dating in the United States, New York
July 30-31: United Kingdom, London
August 13-14: South Korea, Seoul

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