Formula 1 can also beat football!

Formula 1 can also beat football!

We’ve been through a crazy season in Formula 1 where Perez, Bottas, Ricardo and Ocon managed to win as well as the spirit of the championship, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

And thanks in part to the Netflix series Drive to Survive, F1 is growing in popularity and the number one winner this year Esteban Ocon He also praised the sport.

“I think it is great to see the development of the sport. Of course, there are still things we can improve, but I think we are trying different things, the races are interesting, and the season has been crazy until the last lap.”

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“The last round of 2021 summed up the whole season. We saw something like this in 2020 too, and if the cars got close together, they would probably beat football in terms of curiosity. I would be very happy if it worked out.”

“I think everyone is talking about Formula 1 now. I have some friends who are not really into the sport and now they keep racing, which is great.”

The Alpine pilot added that he hopes the cars will move closer together as a result of technical rule changes coming from 2022, and trying new things like running has brought new excitement to F1.

“It’s good that we are trying to do that as well, it is good that new types of excitement are entering this sport. We visit a lot of tracks with different characteristics and the Abu Dhabi track has been redesigned.”

“But I still remember the 2017 and 2018 seasons, when sixth place was like winning because you didn’t get a chance to get on the podium or take the lead.”

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“And now there was Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly and myself on the podium and many different riders of the team. It’s amazing, we all want to see it.”

“If someone says it’s against diversity, that’s crazy, because it’s good to have as many pilots as possible on the platform,” Ocon said. Motorsport Week.

Marco tells Hamilton, “You can do that.”

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