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Former Gobiko politician nominated for consul general in Toronto still does not obtain a Canadian visa

Former Gobiko politician nominated for consul general in Toronto still does not obtain a Canadian visa

As we reported, the US Embassy in Budapest refused to issue a visa to György Szolosi, editor-in-chief of Nemzeti Sport magazine, who previously worked as director of communications at the Puskás Academy in Fliksut, and was appointed director of the Puskás Institute. In 2014.

Unlike Szöllősi, he was traveling not just for a one-time event, but for a long period of time for work. Former Jobbikian János Bencsik faces a more difficult situation, but he has been trying to get to Canada for months, since he was going to be consul general in Toronto.

the In response to his question, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade stated that although Bencic should have started working as Consul General long ago, he had not yet obtained the visa. According to the news, previous extreme manifestations in diplomacy may be behind this unusual move by the host country. In response to our question about whether it was worth staying with Bencic even after that, and whether the Hungarian Foreign Ministry would prefer to send someone else instead, the ministry replied: “The goal remains the same.”

By the way, Bencek left the party because of Peter Jakab (former president also left Jobbik since then), continuing initially as an independent, and then founding his own party called Bulgari Valasz, which, however, did not enter the 2022 elections with a list, but one individual candidate was nominated Just. Bencic was so prepared for diplomatic work, which remains unavailable due to the lack of a visa, that last September he handed over the position of head of civil response to someone else. Were he to do so, any party office would be incompatible with the diplomatic mandate.

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Janos Wöllner, a former Labor supporter, has declined appointment as Singapore’s foreign trade attaché and prefers to continue building his own party, the Hawksit.

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