Former Democratic and Republican Party Officials Form a New Party in the United States

The founders told Reuters news agency on Wednesday local time that former Democratic and Republican officials are forming a new party in the United States.

The new party, called Forward, will be headed by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and former New Jersey Republican Governor Kristen Todd Whitman. The founding members said they hoped the party could provide an alternative to the Republicans and Democrats who dominate American domestic politics. They added: They saw the need for a new rally because they realized that millions of voters were unhappy with the dysfunctional two-party system.

Party leaders will present their plans in several cities in the fall and try to rally supporters. Their tour will begin in Houston on September 24, and their first national convention will be held next summer.

The two main pillars of the Center Party program are to “revive a just and prosperous economy” and expand voters’ opportunities and restore their confidence in the political system.

The new party was created from the amalgamation of three political groups – the Renew America Movement, the Forward Party and the Serving America Movement. The American political system has become hugely polarized in recent years. According to a Gallup poll last year, two-thirds of Americans believe a third major party is needed in the current situation.

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