Former Csuti and younger brother of Sylvi Bódi formed a party

Selfie Buddy also talked about their relationship.

It’s finally over Andras Schotten-Szabo his ex. to Jenna After they broke up last year, love found him again: Selfie body with his younger brother With Attila Bodhi they met – writes a eyelash.

After Christmas, happy Gina is now at Attila Bodhi’s side – Image: gdzsina/Instagram

The lady who works in the financial field is the one He welcomed his new partner in a love post On the occasion of his birthday, even one Also posted a photo together. Sylvie Puddy also commented on the post, so it turns out that Jenna’s new partner is Sylvie Puddy’s younger brother.

We’re kicking off 2023 with this photo, just as we’re kicking off the first day of your 40th year together today. I am glad that you took my hand when I least expected it and began down the path I am glad to walk with you today. I love who I am by your side and look forward to what lies ahead. Always remain the clean and worthy person that you are. happy birthday!Gina told her lover.

Sylvie Bode responded to his post with the following lines:I love the way you love him!!!!! Welcome to the Jenna family!

Csuti met Gina a few months after his divorce, but they were only together for a few months. The fact that a businessman with two children met with Viki Szorcsik in VIP farm filming.

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