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“Foreigners coming to Earth will communicate with us.”

"Foreigners coming to Earth will communicate with us."

Science believes in evidence. As long as there is nothing, the only assumptions are extraterrestrials.

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In recent weeks, several articles have appeared in the diaries. Some have seen unidentified objects, possibly human-like creatures, in Hajdu-Bihar. In response to our writing, we contacted Andrey Szoboszlai, an educational astronomer and journalist who has been dealing with astronomy for 49 years, in order to shed light on the possibility of extraterrestrials from the point of view of science. Our conversation shed light on a number of facts.

Let’s define what is a UFO!

Literal translation: Unknown flying body. So structure we don’t know at the moment what we are up to. It could also be of terrestrial origin, such as a weather balloon or a satellite orbiting the Earth. It is also understood that the average person would think of a flying object as a UFO. However, the astronomer, people skilled in the natural sciences, really treat this differently. After all, just because I can’t pinpoint something isn’t necessarily the spacecraft of an alien civilization. There could be many things that we have not been able to pinpoint at a particular moment and afterward.

We have also seen unidentified flying objects in our county and encountered creatures that do not belong to our terrestrial civilization. Have you, as an astronomer, ever encountered a phenomenon, something you might say is not of our world?

“I am skeptical about the news about many unknown celestial scenes because if someone is there, astronomers really look up at the sky a lot and somehow see less unknown bodies. And if they see or see, we are usually nonetheless, and even if we suddenly cannot Determining a specific scene, it is not certain that it is an alien spacecraft. “

I once saw myself having doubts about it being a plane. I also asked the Flight Control Center, from which I got an answer that I might not have seen an aircraft in the specified coordination at that moment. But in that spirit, they didn’t say it was a UFO, and I didn’t find it an alien spaceship.

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What are the risk factors for encountering meaningful aliens or even signs of their life?

I myself admit that there can be meaningful life elsewhere in the universe, even one that can leave its own planet. Although it can be a very rare thing because it requires an incredible number of conditions to exist at the same time. We can say with certainty that there is no life anywhere else in our solar system. Of course, we don’t know how many stars there might be in the entire milking system, in our galaxy, around which there is a planetary system, that is, where life might have formed and even created a very advanced technical civilization. And if that happens, the set of problems will be whether this rational and technologically advanced civilization coexists with us. By the way, I see danger in distances, too. Take 10,000 light years, which is a small distance in the universe. This is the distance light and radio waves travel in 10,000 years. And if we have a civilization at the same time at the same level of development as at least ours, we send a radio signal there, they perceive it, they can decode it, they answer what we will pick up. That would be a guide. But if we shot that specific signal now, there would be no answer in 20,000 years at the earliest. I ask: Will there be an astronomer on Earth in 20,000 years, or will there ever be people waiting and deconstructing the response. Moving forward, the closest galaxy, the Andromeda Nebula, is 2.2 million light-years away. If we send a signal there, the answer will return in 4.4 million years.

One of the newspapers is called Andrei Szoboszlai, holder of UFO flag holder in Hajdu Bihar | Photo: Peter Kovacs

What is the position of science or you on our being alone in the universe?

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I was once called a very faithful UFO newspaper by the name of Endre Szoboszlai, the bearer of the anti-flying saucer flag against Hajdu Behar. But I would say that the universe is large enough to ensure that life in the universe is possible. Out of us!

“In fact, I’m a believer that I dare say for sure, there’s definitely life left somewhere.”

I can’t believe that in a space that is considered nearly endless, none of the sheer amount of sun-like stars would have a planet in which life could be born and evolve. And development is very important, because even if a spacecraft came here in the time of the dinosaurs, it wouldn’t be able to do anything with life on Earth. Life on Earth could be dealt with since then if such an advanced civilization, the technical civilization, developed as it is today. My perception differs from the opinion of other naturalists, especially astronomers, in that every natural scientist usually forgets the incredibly large obstacle that supernova explosions would take to become a planet after many millions of years, which might not even exist for the development of life. . Much of this mass of material is exclusively “produced” in fractions of a second from supernova explosions. This is our Earth, as we already know, there were two such explosions near the material from which our solar system later gathered.

What is the clear evidence for science or for you as a teacher of the existence of meaningful life outside Earth?

I contend that until science is given a shattered spacecraft that can be explored, opened and opened, I cannot believe that if someone sees something that he does not know, then it is definitely an alien object. I say the same to an alien, because the human-like creatures that are supposed to be here from another planet are also called UFOs. If there really is a place they write about, but they don’t show that corpse, they don’t put it in the hands of an autopsy, then on my part, I don’t believe it. I see the big difference between believers in UFOs and the so-called natural world against UFOs in that people who are very believers are sure to hide evidence; While scientists say if there is a corpse, place the corpse on the researchers’ table and let the scientists go there to the shattered spacecraft. Since I’ve never seen anything like this before, I think many of the “UFOs” were probably not alien spaceships.

“As long as the sight of a flying saucer or a human-like creature seems to have been written about it only somewhere, then they are talking about it, that is not evidence.”

I am sure that aliens coming to Earth will seek to contact us. I am sure that life is extremely rare in the universe, but it is possible. It is also rare for a creature capable of traveling into space to find a “companion”. Earth is a rare planet. And if an alien civilization can finally meet a technologically advanced civilization, on my part, I’m sure I’m looking for a connection. Think about it, we would do the same if we could go to a place where there is an advanced civilization. In my case, my opinion on this exciting question will not change until an alien spacecraft lands in front of my apartment and an alien creature exits from it, and is told in sign language that:

“Hey, Mr. Szoboszlai! You are the hardworking and narrow-minded expert in fighting UFOs who has not yet believed in us? We have finally come to shake hands with you now, we have six, you only have two, with whom do you want the historical handshake …?”

Zolt Kovacs

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