Foreign car racer and DJ who loves Hungarian girls too

Vivian Kistheley has been partying with Ralph Schumacher’s son David for over four years, while Annette Tomksani has been in love with Australian disc jockey Timmy Trumpet since 2016. They told TV2 how they came to know about their love, whether their boyfriend is a celebrity or not on a daily basis.

So the Hungarian beauty is truly unparalleled. Vivian Kisthely, who competes in Formula 3, is not only a beautiful racer but also a talented car racing driver, his goal of course is to get into Formula 1. His other great love is David Schumacher, who is also a car racer and his father is none other than Ralf Schumacher. Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, also slapped him on the chip in 2014, but the girl chose his cousin, David Schumacher, whom he met with a fellow academic years ago. They speak English and German with the famous car racer, but the boy also understands Hungarian. The beauty told TV that it was good at first that their relationship was true, but what the boy still loves to this day is his loyalty, for example. Regarding the Schumacher family, he noted that they are like any other family and that they are okay with everyone.

Vivian from KeszthelyPhoto: Attila Polyak – Orego

Timmy Trump’s love, the hand of Annette Tomxani, was asked by an Australian DJ two years ago, the happiness between them is so great. The Hungarian girl works under the star and even changed continents for her love: their base is still Australia. Timmy Trumpet visited Hungary several times, played music at home and also learned several Hungarian words for his bride.

The TV2 video can be viewed here:

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