Foreign Affairs rents a villa with swimming pool to Jenő Csiszár on the shores of Lake Como

Foreign Affairs rents a villa with swimming pool to Jenő Csiszár on the shores of Lake Como

Documents held by Hvg according to The State Department rents a villa on the shores of Lake Como in an elite region of Italy Jen Csiszár Consul General. According to the article, in addition to the 350-square-meter villa with a 13-room pool, the lake pier will make it easier to enjoy the picturesque surroundings, just a few kilometers from the Swiss Alps.

The residence is located 60 km from the headquarters of the Consulate General in Milan, where it enjoys diplomatic protection. According to the newspaper, the Consulate General is renting the property from a businessman whose diplomatic mission is facilitating its expansion in Hungary.

According to the newspaper, the former presenter of the weekly program is an active player in Hungarian-Italian relations, and he regularly meets with Italian businessmen and economic actors. As they write, it nurtures his relationships with Kumo’s business as well With Stefano NoshisThe Italian authorities accused him of money laundering a few years ago.

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied to Hvg’s question that the place of residence was chosen in accordance with the law and that there is no requirement for the distance between the foreign mission and the residence. Hvg knows Peter Szijjártó He also visited Villa Csiszár, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not deny this, but only complete information was provided about the official program of the Minister, that is, that Szijjártó’s private programs were not public.

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