For three days, we can learn about the music of three cultures in Satu Mari

For three days, we can learn about the music of three cultures in Satu Mari

A world music festival is organized by the Mayor’s Office in Satu Mare and the GM Zamfirescu Cultural Center from May 13-15. In between, ie on weekends.

In the three days of the World Music Festival, Satu Mare residents can learn about three trends and cultures, which will be accompanied by a special and different gastronomic experience every day in the Garden of Fire Tower. Also in this case, the theme is related to the festival’s own music world. Visitors can enjoy Middle Eastern specialties on Friday, kosher dishes on Saturday and Mediterranean flavors on Sunday.

On Middle East Day, May 13th, Turkish Hungarian Naseeb Kismet The troupe will take on a theater that faithfully blends elements from the world of modern sound with original Turkish music. The band, which blends psychedelic Turkish folklore with the ethnic flavors of jazz, wows its audience with their own songs and lively Turkish folk songs. the most recent Light in Babylon His musical style transcends the boundaries of language and culture. Accordingly, their music is internationally recorded at many intersections of identity, nationality and religion. Its members come from different places and also speak different languages, however, there is one language they all speak excellently, that is music.

Klezmer Day, May 14, was first established in 1990 Budapest Klezmir Ensemble He entertains his audience with his theatrical performance full of liveliness and humor. In their performances, they almost combine different musical directions of the Carpathian Basin. In private compositions, traditional Yiddish motifs are complemented by elements of gypsy and folk music, interwoven with a drop of modernity. The other performer of the day is shim It will be a band. The seven performers come from 4 different countries: Holland, Italy, Turkey and Syria, and in the music are Kleismer, Balkan, Gypsy, Jazz and Middle Eastern sound mixes.

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Mediterranean Day will culminate the festival on May 15th. Then Canaro His music is centered around traditional jazz also known as manouche swing. Swing and jazz music of the twenties and thirties are presented to the audience through dynamic, improvisational and upscale melodies.

The biggest star in the festival that is being held for the first time is undoubtedly the biggest star Barcelona Gypsy Balkan Orchestra it will beAnd Their performance will conclude the festival. The eight outstanding musicians in the lineup come from 6 countries in Europe – Spain, Italy, Greece, Serbia, France and Ukraine. With their Balkan music, they have toured over 35 countries, including the United States and Canada.

Entry to the festival can be purchased at and at Red Hat Yard and Moose Social Pub in Satu Mare. Daily admission costs 20 lei and tickets for the duration of the festival can be exchanged for 50 lei.

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