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For this reason, Al-Azhar is not a judge on a talent show: “Seeing behind the scenes was disgusting.” – Najm Hazai

For this reason, Al-Azhar is not a judge on a talent show: “Seeing behind the scenes was disgusting.” – Najm Hazai

Al-Azhariya In recent years, he has become one of the most popular young celebrities in Hungarian music life. When tickets for his concert at the Arena in May went on sale in October 2023, the tickets sold out so quickly that it was necessary to open the possibility of purchasing tickets for a third concert as well.

The question arises as to why we don't see such big celebrities appearing on TV shows, the most obvious being: as a member of the jury of a talent search production.

Al-Azhar in talent shows

We saw Azhariya in the series Valami Amerika only in the talent show: she sang the song of the series, and it was her idea to appear in it, so she ended up playing the role of one of the contestants. On the other hand, he does not want to appear in talent shows shown on commercial channels, even though he was invited to be a member of the jury.

Photo: YouTube/Jólvanezígy

About this good luck He was speaking as a guest on a YouTube show when Gabe Toth, who entered show business at the age of 16 with Megastar and has since appeared on various TV shows, was mentioned.

– Now I don't know where he acts or where he rules, but when someone makes a living in these places for so long… There were only a few times I got an insight behind the scenes, and it was disgusting. I think the attitude of TV is bad all over the world, but it's even worse in Hungary. There are a lot of malicious people who hold higher positions and distribute to everyone.

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He revealed that they also tried to appoint him to the judging panel of the popular TV talent show, but he doesn't even remember which one it was.

-There was a jury once, and I really don't know which one. Management said there was such a thing, and I indicated that I would take care of it. They asked me if that would be a slap in the face, and I said that I think judging is something that when I get over my attitude toward television, I might be able to add something to a show like this with my personality. I'd like to give some fucking opinions. (…)

-I was just watching the music, and I was criticizing it harshly. I was going to agree to it, but then they gave me a contract, and it was clear what restrictions and mandatory interviews there were. Then go somewhere else and find something else, I said.

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I will read it

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