For these Lord of the Rings stamps, we’ve been traveling smoothly to New Zealand

The New Zealand Post has released a new set of stamps marking the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings: The Alliance of the Rings. Mandatory purchase for collectors.

when The Lord of the Rings: Alliance of the Ring It entered cinemas, and the New Zealand Postal Service issued a set of stamps with the work of Sasha Lees, one of the film’s idea artists. The little things were piled up all over the world, so the post office decided to relaunch them for the 20th anniversary.

Originally, the stamps supported completing the film, but the current tour is more for fans only, especially since the Amazon series won’t be filming in New Zealand in the future either.

Lees himself made a statement about the project, and although he used to work on more serious work, he seemed pretty enthusiastic about the stamps:

“It is always driven by the process of creation, whether it is for commercial or fine art purposes. The research, the problem solving, and the process by which I turn from the idea of ​​the visual expression of a complex narrative to its realization.”

On the stamps we can see several iconic scenes from the opening film of the trilogy.

stamps anyway It can also be ordered from home, so everyone who wants to withdraw the collection should not hesitate. By the way, there are still postcards and huge packages of stamps on the site (because who does not want to 78000 fortnite stamps for home) also, so it might be worth taking a closer look at what’s on offer.

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