For the first time this year, Vandoorne can start on the front

After three overtimes, Tyler Reddick won the NASCAR race in Austin

Great anticipation preceded the first race of the NASCAR Cup Series on a built-in track this year, hosted by COTA in Austin. Many participants took part in the race, such as world champions Formula 1 Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button, Jordan Taylor, known for sports cars, who was Chase Elliott’s deputy, but seven-time champion Jimmy Johnson was also in the field again. After qualifying, William Byron took pole position, with Tyler Reddick starting next to him, Austin Cindrick and Taylor could occupy the second row, while Johnson and the Formula 1 stars had to be found deep in the field.

After the start, nothing worthwhile happened yet, but going into lap two, the first yellow flag came right away. Then there was the incident before the final corner after a foul by Brad Keselowski ended the race between Jimmy Johnson and Ty Dillon. Byron won the first stage, but it was already under another yellow due to two consecutive crashes by Kyle Larson, and the second stage was already closed by Riddick in the lead. The final stage of the race then came with a great battle between the two, but it flared up with many dramatic events. At first it seemed that everyone would have to conserve fuel, but the car stalled under Keselowski, so almost everyone came to the pits, which was good for Christopher Bell, Kyle Busch, Ryan Preece, Hamlin and Räikkönen.

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They all went into the lead, but Bosch was the only one who could stay up there against the others. Then the yellow came first for Ross Chastain, then a little later because of the amount of debris on the track, so in the end the decision was left to the two-lap overtime, but things didn’t go smoothly there either, as three times were run due to the constant crashes and the condition of track when the race is over. However, Tyler Reddick was able to stay in the lead every time and eventually deserved the win over Kyle Busch and Alex Bowman.

As for the former Formula 1 drivers, Jenson Button was always in the second half of the field, waved the checkered flag in 18th place, Kimi Raikkonen was not lucky this time either. The Finnish rider completed the majority of the race with a broken distributor, though he was in the top five thanks to the strategy, but he crashed in the last race and also got a time penalty, thus finishing only 29th.

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