For the first time, a video has been taken of how we landed on Mars

For the first time, a video has been taken of how we landed on Mars

This is the first time in history that we have been able to videotape how we landed on Mars. On board the Perseverance Martian, two cameras recorded him landing on the Red Planet with amazing accuracy.

At the NASA press conference Michael WatkinsAs an illustration of the first Martian image taken by Mariner 4, the director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory mentioned in 1964. NASA researchers manually colorized this based on the data sent – compared to 30 gigabytes of data from Perseverance (or Percy) in a few days, and over 23,000 images. For landings and early days.

NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory / Dan Gods The Martian image for Mariner-4.

Watkins also indicated that the video will allow anyone to see what can be successfully landed on Mars.

The landings were recorded by so-called EDL cameras, named after the entry, drop, and landing words. The camera system consists of 3 devices, one of which malfunctions on landing, but 2 devices still send amazing shots to the ground. The recordings begin 230 seconds after the probe enters Mars’s upper atmosphere.

“We had two important conditions about EDL’s cameras: the first was not to cause a hit to the flying car, which we know now, and the second is more than a mantra – no matter what we get back into, we shouldn’t” disturb us, “he said. Journalist Matt WallaceDeputy Project Manager, persistence. “The mission could be completely successful even if the EDL does not succeed.”

Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and the landing shots were impressive. It’s exciting that Persen has two microphones that, while not working on landing, have been recording sound ever since, so now we can hear the voice of the Red Planet for the first time. You can hear the winds of Mars in about ten seconds from the recording. The researchers also created a version that silenced the rover to make it easier to hear everything happening on Mars. Recordings Click here Can be heard.

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Al ChenThe EDL Foundation Stage President in Perseverance also said some details about the video: Explain, for example, that when the parachute opened, Percy raced to the surface at 1.7 times the speed of sound, and the parachute pattern helped JPL. Team mode. Space in direction. And one of the footage showed the engines getting so hot that they actually glow pink – but that’s perfectly normal, and the researchers had expected.

Justin MacyPerseverance imaging scientist and head of the hardware operations team said rover cameras produce much better quality images than previous treadmills: We’re talking about 20-megapixel color cameras that can also take wide-angle photos.

NASA experts have also noted that the new, high-quality images, and of course the video the spacecraft captured during the landing, are also very useful from a scientific point of view because they show Percy’s landing site, Jezero Crater, from a fresh perspective.

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