For some amazing reason, Netflix's live Zelda series was canceled before it even began.

For some amazing reason, Netflix’s live Zelda series was canceled before it even began.

As discussed in a previous article, nearly all major video game mods will appear on Netflix as of now. Just to name a few: In addition to the already well-known series (Castlevania, Vaják, etc.), a series based on Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed or Splinter Cell is in the pipeline. Additionally, even in 2015, several portals reported that the streaming provider was also in talks with Nintendo about a direct action to tackle The Legend Of Zelda. The latest plot was really revealed recently, however, after the news leaked early, the Japanese company has turned to filming the project.

The information above comes from comedian Adam Conover, who was going to be working on a plasticine doll mod for another popular Nintendo title, Star Fox. “After a month of agreeing, news is starting to indicate that Netflixes’ adaptation of The Legend Of Zelda will be nothing” – He told me As a guest on the podcast The Serf Times. “I just stopped and watched what happened anyway?” Then my boss pointed out that the Star Fox project also fell into a well. All I can say was, but what happened? To the Wall Street Journal, even though the project should have been kept a secret, Nintendo panicked and backed off the whole thing, which means it launched every title in the making.

Perhaps what happened is not surprising in the sense that the company already has an idea of ​​what happens if the Zelda franchise falls into the wrong hands; Think of the ‘Attempts’ of the 1990s on CD. Not to mention that after Breath Of The Wild’s success, the company might not even need any extra promotional offer. However, we are a little sad that the aforementioned projects are unlikely to be so.

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