For more and more people, sustainability is also a consideration when choosing their travels

From various travel magazines and surveys, the hit countries of the year have already been determined, as well as the various travel trends. One of these camps will be a haven that will help us get to know ourselves. The focus is on overcoming grief, finding real goals, and moving our bodies.

According to surveys, many people travel in the name of sustainability. Environmental awareness can provide a better experience. This category includes finding hidden gems, staying in local accommodations, and having a preference for train travel. The experts also highlighted one of the affected countries. And this is only New Zealand. Within this, the focus is on the Aotearoa region, as those who come here primarily support local entrepreneurs and the local economy. Before the pandemic, the country made the Tiyaki Promise, which includes caring for people and places. A university student from Pécs also mentioned the country as one of his travel destinations this year, but he will be moving abroad for a longer period to learn and get to know a new culture. Sustainability also feels close to him, as he’s started growing his own plants on his apartment balcony, even if he’s not in a big area.

According to foreign magazines, many people will start to travel alone. The trendiest destinations for solo travelers are Spain, Italy, Greece and Australia. But Cyprus is also being chosen by more and more people. The island is affordable and offers plenty of experiences. You can snorkel on its stunning beaches, and you can sample lots of delicious Cypriot food. But this country attracts not only single travelers, but also couples and families.

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Egypt, including Cairo, seems to be gaining value again in the eyes of tourists. In 2023, the Grand Egyptian Museum will also open in the region, which will be a real Canaan for fans of the country and its history. A 30-year-old is already planning her trip, as this city served as the setting for one of her favorite movies, The Mummy, and she fell in love with this area even then.

Quite a few have also mentioned that they are going on vacation in the country, because during the pandemic they realize that many parts of the country are still unknown, which are worth exploring.

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