For months, workers at the Csorna solar power plant, which was funded by the state with billions, went unpaid.

For months, workers at the Csorna solar power plant, which was funded by the state with billions, went unpaid.


2022-06-27 06:48:00

According to the signs, the appearances of Janus Ader and Laszlo Balkovic at the beginning were not enough that there are no problems.

EcoSolifer Heterojunktion Kft. employees said. In our fractions they did not even receive their salaries in March, More desperate workers.

The portal reminded us that Janos Ader, born in our Ksor, was also present as the President of the Republic at the laying of the foundation stone, and Laszlo Balkovic, Minister of Innovation and Technology, gave a speech at the factory delivery in December 2020. By that time, the investment had swelled to Ft18.9 billion, and the amount of support had exceeded 2 billion forints.

Six years after the start of the project, production began in our fractions, but there is no information on the results of the first full year of work, and the balance sheet report on last year’s management cannot be found in the database of the Ministry of Justice. According to the Opten database, a loss of HUF 1.7 billion was recorded for 2020. At the same time, it can be seen from the company’s documents that EcoSolifer problems were encountered with NAV, and the Gyor-Moson-Sopron District Tax and Customs Board ordered an implementation on June 10 of This year.

24. He called the managing owner, Ákos Haidegger, but the email bounced from the address given in the company papers, and the portal reporters didn’t work at the Csornai plant either. However, according to Csornai’s sources, there is no movement around the factory, neither workers’ cars nor office workers are parked at the usual place, and there are no transport vehicles circulating on the site.

At the start of the project, in 2014, the government gave 1 billion HUF in individual support, 1.9 billion HUF in support from the European Union, and state-owned Eximbank Zrt. It provided a loan of up to €22.4 million for a planned investment in HUF 15 billion. Four years later, the solar power plant was not completed, at which time another state government, Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zrt, had taken over. , on lending EcoSolifer, bringing the loan to 40 million euros. The move was justified by a significant increase in demand for solar panels and a planned doubling of production capacity.

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