For many, the novelty that Facebook just introduced may be important

For many, the novelty that Facebook just introduced may be important

From now on, we can also control Facebook who can comment on a public post.

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Facebook is creating a new tool that allows users to control the ability to comment on shared posts on their feeds or the pages they run. Users are dedicated to this

They can choose who can comment on their public posts from a dropdown menu in a new interface.

Choices range from all users seeing the post to other people and user-tagged Facebook pages.

By defining the contributor circle, users have more control over the conversations they want to see in their public posts. You can use this new feature to restrict unwanted posts. As a public figure, creator or managing a branding page as well

It is possible to determine the number of shareholders in public posts,

So that users feel safe and have more meaningful conversations with target audiences.

The new tool is the latest example of how Facebook is helping users organize and arrange feed content to reflect users’ interests and priorities as accurately as possible. The community giant also wants to show its users why they see the content appearing in their feeds.

This way, you can control what appears in the feed

Last October, Facebook simplified the feed so that users have more influence over what they saw there. Favorites tool allows users to prioritize posts from friends and pages of interest to them in their feeds.

Up to 30 friends and pages can be added to favorites, and their posts will be ranked higher in the feed,

It may be listed separately from other pages and friends. Users who frequently use favorites can now find this tool in the filter bar menu at the top of the feed.

You can also more easily access the last menu item from the feed filter bar.

This allows you to easily switch between the feed categorized by Facebook’s algorithm and chronological order, i.e. the feed that shows the last post first. Android app users will find the feed filter bar by scrolling up on the feed. The same feature will be available on the iOS app in the coming weeks. No matter how often you use it, both recent and favorite tools can be found in the links list.

Another useful setting is the snooze widget, which allows you to temporarily hide posts from a person, page, or group from your feed, and even Click here

You can also turn off political ads from showing on Facebook.

Why do we see recommended posts in a feed?

In order for the social site to help users discover new and relevant content, it suggests posts from sites and groups that they do not yet follow but Facebook may find interesting. Typically, the social site suggests entries based on factors such as post related activity, related topics, or geographic proximity. The company follows clear guidelines regarding the content it provides to its users.

“Why do I see this?” By expanding the tool, Facebook wants to provide more information about the suggested content in its feed. This means that in addition to the posts the page suggests, you can now click on posts from friends, pages, and groups that users follow to find out why this content appears in their feeds.

Several factors influence the appearance of suggested posts on your feed:

Related activity: Facebook might suggest a post if others who previously showed activity about it interacted with the same group, page, or post shared by that user.
Related Topics: If the user was recently active on a specific topic on Facebook, the page might suggest additional posts on that topic. For example, if someone recently liked or posted a post on a basketball site, the site might suggest other basketball-related posts.
Geolocation: Suggested posts may also appear based on where the user is and how people nearby show activity on Facebook.

What you see as a user and how to share the content in the feed is the Facebook app Nutrition preparationThe disadvantages and Privacy settingsIt can be organized as required.

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