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For fifteen years the note was played in Kecskemét Notes’ circle of friends

For fifteen years the note was played in Kecskemét Notes’ circle of friends

The Science and Art House was filled with notes on Saturday afternoon. Kecskemét Nótások Bárati Kore Egyesület celebrated its fifteenth anniversary.

It was said in the event, that they have been present at the famous Week Festival almost every year, staged the Rome Program on National Days, and staged many individual musical programs every year. The repertoire includes folk songs, Hungarian scores, operas and gypsy scores. They organized seven times amateur Hungarian music singing competition, invited village days and old festivals, appeared in many charity programmes, many members won high prizes. The goal has remained unchanged for 15 years.

I have mentioned many times that the purpose of forming our sheet music circle is to revive, practice and pass on our Hungarian musical treasure and folk songs to the younger generation. To make our culture, which is slowly being forgotten, known and loved as widely as possible, but the most important thing for us to do is to entertain the music-loving community.

– summed up Ilona Danko Orzag, Besta Award-winning singer.

Ilona Orszaj is a sheet music singer, and co-founder of Kiskemét Musicians Circle of Friends.

Nótások’s friends are among the best in Kecskemét, said Chancellor Janos Levay. The representative of the local government stressed that the Hungarian musical score is a great treasure for us, taking care of the traditions, and the melodies that we hear and learned from our fathers and grandfathers are still alive today.

We are united by a love of music, folk songs and folk dances. We ourselves are included in this sorrow, joy and observation. We also know that the Carpathian Basin has a song-loving voice. The person who sings is cheerful, lives longer, thinks positive, and gets sick more often.

– reminded Mrs. Levi Janus.

Musician Janos Kovacs and Councilor Janos Levay, representative of the local government

At the event, Deputy Mayor Jakapny Engert delivered a gift on behalf of Mayor Claudia Szemereyné Pataky and city leadership to the founders, Janos Kovacs, Dankó Pista Lifetime Achievement Award-winning music singer Janos Kovacs and his wife, Ilona Orszaj, who also won the Dankó Pista Award.

They thank you for popularizing the Hungarian Memorandum, promoting the good reputation of the city, preserving traditions and preserving the folk traditions of Kecskemét, said the Deputy Mayor.

In Széchenyiváros, we will soon be handing over the István Széchenyi Community Center in Szarvas tér. It will be possible to practice there in the future, in consultation with the professional manager of the house

– noticed Mrs. Jakab Engert.

Musician Janus Kovacs and Deputy Mayor Jakapny Engert

The celebration never stops. The association is holding an anniversary concert at the Hírös Hét Festival on Saturday, August 26, from 11:30 a.m. on the stage between the Hírös Forrás Fountain and Kálvin tér.

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