For a very strange reason, a video that was recorded at a New Zealand municipality meeting is spreading

Internet users pretend to attend the meeting as well.

It often happens that there is content on the Internet, to put it mildly, that we do not think will go a long way. But the popularity of the video below is surprising even with that in mind.

It’s a town council meeting in a small town in New Zealand.

The video currently has 344,000 views on YouTube Waipa District (Waikato District) Municipal Finance Committee meeting appears. The recording was made last April, when due to the epidemic situation, members were already holding a meeting through Zoomon on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on tourism.

It’s not known why this video was taken, it’s a fact anyway: people started using it. This means that in busy workplaces (or working from home) they play a board meeting video, which plays on their screen for an hour and three quarters,

Thus, in their environment, it appears as if they themselves are taking part in a discussion. That is, they imitate that they are working, busy, because they are in a very important meeting.

All this can be seen from the first comment below the video:

Is anyone else next to me using this video to make it look like they’re having a discussion just so they don’t disturb their family members while working from home?

There are commenters who have written that he has used the video six times so far for this purpose, and another with this recording used to convince his parents that he is currently in an online education. Third comment:

I made this Zoom call at my workplace so they thought I was busy so I get away with having to deal with a stressed client. installed.

BBC said WritesIn the video, New Zealand local government representatives were utterly surprised that their deliberations had become so popular online, but just as on Twitter. they write: They now feel like celebrities.

We don’t encourage anyone to do this, but if you want to use the video to imitate the work, do the following:

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