Football: The Egyptian Chefs Association opposes holding the World Cup every two years

Football: The Egyptian Chefs Association opposes holding the World Cup every two years

The European Football Club Association (ECA) also opposes the revolutionary plan of the International Football Association (FIFA) to hold world championships every two years after 2026 instead of the previous four.

“FIFA’s proposal will have a devastating impact on club football and endanger the health of players” (Photo: AFP)

The Egyptian Chefs Association stressed in a statement on Friday that FIFA has embarked on an active public relations campaign to bring about a significant change in the international competitions calendar from 2024, which has caused great concern and alarm to the clubs. The organization has been sharply criticized by FIFA for not consulting stakeholders on this issue, and according to the European Club Association, the organization tends to take unilateral decisions on such a specific issue. He added that FIFA’s proposal would have a direct and devastating impact on club football, both nationally and internationally, but not only on it, but also on the national team series, as well as on the health of overburdened players.

In conclusion, the organization concluded that decisions regarding the future calendar of international competitions can only be taken with the approval of football clubs, preceded by an honest and detailed consultation of stakeholders.

Among the major European clubs, only Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are not members of the European Club Association, having remained officially members of the split but eventually did not start the Premier League.

The biennial World Cup is not supported by any of the continental confederations in Europe or South America, and there has been sharp criticism of the European Club Association.

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The International Federation (FIFA) announced earlier that it will conduct a feasibility study on the establishment of the World Championship every two years for men and women. The World Cup in Qatar next year will be the last to include 32 teams, as the 2026 tournament, which will be hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico, will feature 48 teams.

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