Football has been excluded from the British government's three hundred million bailout package

Football has been excluded from the British government’s three hundred million bailout package

The UK government has announced a £ 300m bailout package for some sports, which are facing a revenue shortfall during the coronavirus pandemic due to lack of viewers. BBC.

Photo: Adam Davy / Paul / AFP

Rugby receives the most support, but horse racing, tier 5 men’s and women’s soccer tournaments, motorsports, tennis, netball, basketball, hockey, badminton, and agar sports, among others, also receive benefits. At the same time

Premier League teams and Premier League clubs will not get this benefit.

The government expects men’s professional football to maintain itself.

Up and down without soccer

Already at the start of the pandemic, the global economy wrote that the economic condition of most soccer clubs would be directly affected by lower matchday revenues. Lower-tier teams that do not receive benefits from heavy broadcast rights or international sponsorship funds rely more on community support or small businesses.

Additionally, cricket, which is also popular in the UK, was excluded from the funding.

These associations are the beating heart of societies – this support can help them survive this difficult winter

Oliver Dowden, Minister of Culture and Sports.

The restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, including closed goalkeepers, represent an irreparable loss of revenue in most sports and thus require government intervention. In September, more than a hundred sporting organizations turned to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for help.

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