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Football has also spread among women, and it is surprising how much it has influenced fashion

Football has also spread among women, and it is surprising how much it has influenced fashion

Recently, football has become the focus of attention of TikTokers and style consultants, who have taken inspiration from the famous outfits of the fanatics. The outfit is just their favorite team jersey, baggy jeans and a pair of signature shoes. We followed com. blockcore The origins of this trend are ours, Gen Z’s craze for soccer, and how you can embrace the trend even if soccer isn’t in your vocabulary.

From the football field to the stadium

The term “blokecore” originated in the United Kingdom and is associated with the “Casuals in Terrace” culture. Football fans called ‘exhibitors’ traveled across Europe from Liverpool in the 1970s and 1980s to support their favorite team. These fans were dressed at football stadiums by designers such as Stone Island, CP Company and Sergio Tacchini – and of course these brands were also sold in the UK, giving rise to football-inspired fashion.

Just as in American slang the word “bro” is used to address a close friend, in London the term “bloke” is used for this purpose, hence the term “blokecore”. At the height of the 2022 World Cup, the UK’s favorite sport has made its way to the US, where the rise of blokecore is largely credited to American TikToker Brandon Huntley. Since then, of course, many fashion bloggers have followed this trend, worshiping blokecore in their own style.

The fashion world celebrates football, and now everyone is wearing football shirts

In many cases, such trends take us to a fantasy world where everything is free, just like Barbiecore, where everything is pink. Followers of the blokecore trend are likely inspired by guys wearing their favorite team’s jersey and shouting “goooooool” with a pint of beer in their hands in a pub in London. But if anything can be a fad and a trend, why not football? Of course, fashion brands that are making more and more discoveries in the field of sports and sportswear, although their main profile is elegant, modern and casual clothing, also contribute strongly to this.

By the way, Blokecore’s followers are easily recognizable, as their collection often consists of a vintage football shirt, a pair of baggy blue jeans, and the most sought-after training shoes in the fashion world, the famous Adidas Sambas. If you’re joining this trend because you think you can easily incorporate it into your wardrobe, then you need exactly these three things for your first outfit.

You will also love the blokecore trend

picture: Claudio Lavinia/Getty Images

And when it comes to Adidas, one of the previously mentioned brands that was strongly inspired by sports is Gucci, which launched an entire collection with Adidas. In the collection, you can find the signs of both brands, with a unique sporty style that is “Adidas-like” and “Gucci-like”.

We shouldn’t forget Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection either, as the team name was replaced with Balenciaga branding on the football shirt worn on the runway. On the runway, the imaginary Balenciaga Football Club redefined the football shirt and dress code for footballers. Sports played an important role in the designer’s hometown of Demna, Georgia, so it’s no surprise the collection was created. Football clothing launched by fashion brands may not be practical on the field, but on the field, all eyes will definitely be on you.

Balenciaga FW20

picture: IMaxTree

Ironically, trends never go out of fashion, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore their influence and adapt to them without question. If the trend suits our style, wear it boldly.

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