Footage proves he let hooligans into the presidential palace: Brazil’s president’s security chief forced to resign

According to Dias, the footage was taken out of context.

to resign Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva The Brazilian president’s security chief, after he was in the presidential palace when protesters entered the building in January, according to video footage, opened the doors for them and directed them on their way.

This was announced by the Brazilian Government Information Center on Wednesday, local time Marcos Goncalves Dias his departure. CNN Brazil broadcast the security camera footage of the general.

Dias tried to explain what he saw to TV Globo by saying that the recordings were taken out of context.

Jair Bolsonaro Supporters of the former right-wing president stormed Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace a week after the inauguration of the left-wing Lula, who defeated Bolsonaro. The new president also accused some members of the police and army of collaborating with the attackers.

Dias had already worked alongside the head of state during Lula’s previous presidencies, and was also involved in securing his 2022 campaign. After Lula’s re-election, he appointed Dias to head the Bureau of Institutional Security.


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