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Folklore The Corvin is naked

Folklore The Corvin is naked

“The largest store, the largest selection!” Almost everything on all levels! – The last slogan was invented by Joseph Ramani. It became the largest store in the country, the pilgrimage place for Friedrich Socialism, at first just one of the many shopping places, then almost nothing.

For fifty years, aluminum cladding covered the neoclassical façade of the Corvin department store, which was recently torn down. Honestly, I was amazed that the vast majority had applauded conditions of war arising from under the metal cladding … these are good, nostalgic ruins from the conditions of war. After all, perhaps a third of those who live today have faded memories of what it would have been without the metallic clothes before 1967 – and what would have been like Gray, an old building on the storefront, as an upscale souvenir with huge subway pits To his right. Because blaha today is the space we know today only after the main building of the National Theater, which was built in 1875, was blown up due to the construction of the subway. These are the facts, other tastes. It seemed a lot more than usual that the Corvin department store, which had been badly damaged in 1956, was coated in aluminum two years after the National Theater was demolished. Although I feel weak that this is also some kind of assassination against the original building, like fascism (to build something completely different behind the old screen of a deserted facade), but everything happens in the city and vice versa: the old houses disappear, and are replaced by other cheerful or ugly ones, The rotation is static, where the aesthetics are not. The main character. What looked chic in 1926 might look horrifying / magnified / boring a hundred years from now – if he survives at all of course, Corvin still only has one. Once upon a time, in 1926, Corvin had already opened as the newest Hungarian department store on the site of the first movable theater in Budapest, then the Apollo Cabaret. The Kassel Foundation leased the land in 1922 for exactly 99 years, and the largest owner of the joint-stock company formed from the German capital was Hans-Erik Emden of Hamburg, which at that time ran 90 different stores in Europe. The main one-story façade was given what appeared to be a classic palace façade – and it was actually hidden four stories because its giant windows were interconnected, separated by only one thin wooden extension per level. Even 50 years ago, Corvin was the store I went shopping for, so shopping was vacation and in fact, on every level, pretty much everything – almost everything from the humble, shock-free display that means everything at the time. Corvin offered a variety of goods across 17,000 square feet, in several divisions, but primarily in one space – and now the 700-strong service crew appears nearly outdated. It had a restaurant, a café, a salon music, a ticket office, spot photography, fashion shows, and galleries, and as a real sensation, the first escalator started here in 1931. Until 1944, it would have been a “society of specialty store minds” of 52 rows – then the Soviet concern As the spoils of the German war until 1952, when our temps donated courage to the Hungarian state. The image of the modern store was slow to fade, sometimes not looking very diverse, the modern exterior does not imply a decade of lease on modernity, and for a long time it was the gem of Centrum stores and then acquired by rival Skála-Coop. Seen as a small but almost magical affair with the neighboring ex-press house MSZMP. And in the common basement, a small underground train transported rolls of paper to the indoor printing press, and the expensive lux-aflex cover – ignoring principles of modern architecture – was only partially behind the scenes, because behind it were the columns, balconies, fenced windows and pigeon nests, but the building was so gray Side and back – worn out, without a substrate. R. The focus of the purchases shifted to new locations along the tramway: first in 1976 the Skála Buda opened, then in 1984, the more modern Skála metro in the West. Then malls came, and Corvin Place was gone – the neighborhood itself was increasingly turning into a downtown highway junction. In 1926, the Evening Courier was able to write, “Subscribers are welcomed with imposing furnishings, lavishly built rooms (…) marble staircases, excellent wall decorations, palisades and pillars carved from oak, which makes it imposing (…) but much more exciting. Surprisingly, the size is when we walk through the rooms from inside … “In the end there was only one supermarket left. It is true, moreover, that Corvin became trendy again, but in a completely different way, when a terrace bar called Corvintető opened as a new type on a roof surrounded by stone walls, and the club section closed at a low level (as it was a kindergarten for children the store workers used to work). The ruin bar’s half-brother, Jelen, actually works in the back of the store without aluminum, on Márkus Emília Street, and the cultural level, known as MÜSZI, occupied the previous third floor of the store between 2011 and 2017. According to his self-definition, the place was A “free and self-sufficient cultural space” of 2,800 square meters, is a kind of busy, crowded living room with a café, art studios, exhibition and lecture halls, but also the inaugural Transparency Office. Of course, this is (also) a thing of the past. The municipality obligated the owner in 2014 to remove the aluminum cladding and renovate the original façade – this may have started now. The lease, which was once for a period of 99 years, expired in 2021. The aluminum casket that once covered the past has already collapsed, will there be a real future and new light, shine … or not? He’s sure to have offices in, yeah, and Corvin will remain his name. Today, when Hunyadi (Corvin) bones have become the main characters again, references to King Matthias and his vast empire are no less than 100 years old: then, in 1922, the Corvin Cinema was inaugurated, which Horthy himself inaugurated. was established. Not long after (in 1930) he was also awarded the Corvin Chain Prize.

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