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Flash Flood: Fatalities on the Bulgarian Coast

Flash Flood: Fatalities on the Bulgarian Coast

Hotels and apartment buildings were flooded due to heavy rains in the southern part of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, and local authorities reported deaths.

The situation is very serious. We know of two deaths

– Tell Georgy Laptsev The Mayor of Karefu speaks to BTV Public Television.

Nikolay Denkov The prime minister will hold a press conference on Tuesday evening about the damage.

According to the local press, the authorities declared a state of emergency in the area of ​​Karefu city due to the flooding of the Velika River, and called on local residents to seek shelter in higher areas if possible, according to Reuters. the next MTI.

Floods washed away roads and bridges, washed away cars, and cut off many spa towns from the outside world.

Camp sites were also flooded, and strong winds swept cars and convoys out to sea. And the tourists were saved. The electricity supply collapsed in the resort of Zenimorec, and the villagers of Kosti had to be evacuated due to the term of office.

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