Fl took the lead at least against Canada for Hockey

The Hungarian hockey player 5-1 on the field in the Czech Republic was knocked out by the Canadian team, which this time played only hockey in Europe.

Preparation result:
Hungary – Canada 1-5 (1-1, 0-2, 0-2)
gl: Sofron (14, mortal), Holzapfell (14), Cozon (25), Chichora (37, 42), Holloway (41)
killtsok: 4 and 8 minutes respectively

In Hungarian hockey history, in 1934 and 2004, in 2016, we ran for the third time in two days with Sports Governor, Canada. The Canadian team is currently the CMVD for all ltez series, having won the Sochi Olympics, this year’s Saint Petersburg World Championship and the long-held World Cup.

Of course, Sidney Crosby and his company did not cross the ice in the Chechen hall, because the current garrison played in Europe, but the player who can tell in his heart that he decided to join the NHL Grand Duke: Maxime Talbot in Pittsburgh in 2009 euphrite in two games packed into Game Seven against Detroit.

Mindkt in ksrletezett

Not only can the Canadian team lose one game because of its name, but not only because the Pest match could be important to them, but also because, according to the present, it is conceivable that the 2018 Olympics will take place without the NHLs. If this happens, then it is necessary to make a timely assessment of who can handle the rest.

suffron a gljt nnepliSource: MTI / Kovcs Tams

For the Hungarian team, the main aspect of the test this week was the defense of Canada in the World Cup match in Saint Petersburg, and he also spoke to Istvan Bartalis in front of the hall in front of the hall, as well as Jens. Axe. However, 20-year-old MAC defender Roland, and two white men of Hungarian descent, Orbn Brance and Bod Christopher, were included in the frame.

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Sofron took the lead

Orbn quickly tested the strength of KHL goalkeeper Taylor in Novosibirsk, Siberia, and the Hungarian team managed to maintain the initial pace for about a third. The Canadians presented themselves with a goalkeeper, and after McNeill’s shot, the hall rumbled with a jingle.

In the big rush, kills had to be made to catch the first gl, and this is what we did: Kger brought the puck to the gate, this mg got off the goalkeeper, while Sofron traveled in the bouncing ball.

The top of the Hungarian wine barely finished Mg, mg, mg, mg mg, a lot of insufficient stiffness, when the master was 1-1, Holzap’s cross pass finished, and playing in Bcs, we were driven for only 27 seconds. After gl, the Canadian team climbed onto the steamer a little, and soon Ryan scored two goals, but finished it 1-1 in the first twenty minutes.

If you take off the helmet too

The color did not bother Canada, which hit the beginning of the second third very often, we held it for minutes, then Kozun, who was flying at LHomotiv Yaroslavl in the KHL, pushed us so fast that Vdink could not respond, and tore the Rhine in hl. Hungarian players also took home physical hockey gold, with one Canadian player accepting Daniel that the helmet was removed from our defender’s head, but the killings didn’t happen.

Ryan Michaels saved the matchSource: MTI / Kovcs Tams

The equation could have gathered, but with a commotion, the puck slid past the Canadian gate, and then the rude guests continued our muscles and kept us under constant pressure. In the middle of the match, both leaders changed goalkeepers, we replaced Rajin for a week, and Prost, who coached the KHL team from Bratislava, arrived there.

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Unsurprisingly, Hetnyi had a lot to do, but he couldn’t defend everything either, in the 37th minute Szczechura opened him with a very delicate hug. We could have stolen closer to the Canadians sooner after gl, but Sarauer made a mistake, unable to fill the brust.

Double rat

Before the final third, the public speaker said how wonderful it was to keep Canada in chrome gallon, and as if outsiders wanted to think that, in a matter of minutes, Holloway and Shakshura could slip with the others. For a long time, we were able to complicate the Canadian Gate again into a human advantage, but the situation of Sophron and Budd did not bring us much development.

The Battle of Christine Survivor Greg ScottSource: MTI / Kovcs Tams

Canada was a bit lost from the 5-1 lead, so the Hungarian team repeatedly appeared at the opponent’s gate, the players did not get together, at least people were in the mood that they were not one-sided. Wine hadn’t hit the target until then, and he was still cheering for 60 minutes letting the Canadians know which team had the best fans.

The end was 5-1 for Canada with a double Czech and Sophron the best. We have room for improvement in the cold, Poland in Poland, Dunya on Saturday and the place on Sunday.

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