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Five apps you can live without, but they’re not necessarily worth it! –

Five apps you can live without, but they’re not necessarily worth it!  –

Here are some unique and strange phone apps that can make life more convenient and interesting.

Millions of applications are now available for smartphones, which can cover a very wide range of our lives. In addition to self-explanatory apps like movie, banking, or chat apps, there are also quite a few special apps that could be quite useful, but you don’t think about them. Here are 5 of these amazing pieces that you can live without, but why?

Emergency phone

It has happened to everyone that they have prayed inside, and a phone call will finally come saving them from an awkward conversation, a boring situation, or an unnecessary time-consuming meeting. But in such cases, of course, on rare occasions, this crazy mobile phone rings. However, this can be easily helped by using a live application for this purpose.

We can make non-existent phone calls to save ourselves from embarrassing situations.

In the program called Fake Call, you can create such fake calls, and the developers have taken care of everything. You can enter a name, phone number, and even choose what the GUI should look like to make the illusion as perfect as possible. Timing can also be set, i.e. if we know there will be a need to make an emergency call later and we don’t want to mess with the phone spectacularly, this can also be done.

Go to the bathroom/pee during the movie

When you’re watching a movie or series alone and feel like you need to go to the bathroom or kitchen/pantry to grab a snack, it’s easy. However, if you are doing this activity in a fun company, you can no longer stop it with the push of a button, because this would spoil the fun of others.

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Useful applications
Runpee tells you when you can go to the bathroom during the movie.

In such cases, you have to wait for the part when the work is over, when there comes that period of a few minutes that is always present in everything, which you can safely skip, without harming the enjoyment of the work. But when it comes, you have to be a visionary. or not. This is exactly why the passionate community created an app called Runpee.

In this program, those short periods, even a few minutes, during which you can run out to do your important things, can be found exactly in a second.

The app not only describes when this period begins, but also what happens in the movie or series during that period, so the user doesn’t really miss anything.

In addition, a lot of other information about the business can be found in the app. For example, links to the pages of reviews, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, and you can even read opinions about them, and the user himself can rate or make suggestions to modify the mentioned periods, in order to become part of the community within certain limits.

More beautiful/better pictures

Many people use their phones to take photos and various social media tools to share them with the general public. Practically every modern smartphone has photo software installed at the factory, which allows you to process images, and this is often possible thanks to the aforementioned social media itself. For this reason, people tend to be satisfied with the very limited opportunities they traditionally provide, but this does not have to be the case.

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com. snapseed
Google’s Snapseed app helps us shake up our photos.

There are applications that can expand the boundaries in this field. One of the best, most versatile, easiest to use, and last but not least, most secure software is Snapseed. This was developed by Google, so we can be sure that our photos won’t end up with a company or government office with bad intentions.

The application is very easy to use and offers practically endless possibilities for image conversion.

We can retouch, color, choose from pre-programmed styles and even change the focus. There are many, many more options available than we are used to with the manufacturer’s listed software or services.

A planetarium in your pocket

Light pollution is so ingrained in our so-called civilized urban life, it can often take on monstrous proportions. Under the influence of flashing neon lights, blinding LEDs and reflectors, rows of lights and other decorations, one tends to forget that there is still a wonderful world flashing above one’s head.

Stellarium tells us what’s above our heads.

But with the help of mobile phones, we can easily find our way back to the stars!

The app called Stellarium is able to know exactly which celestial body and constellation we are seeing

. All we have to do is hold the device toward the sky, which uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the gyroscope to determine exactly what we see, and it all appears on the screen. The constellations are amazingly well defined, and we even get a brief description of them, just like planets, stars, or larger systems.

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Back to the car!

There are people who get lost even in their homes, and there are people who know exactly where they are even in the middle of a dense forest filled with fog. But even with them, it may happen that they simply cannot find their car in a foreign city, in a department store or in an airport parking lot. Anyone who has had such an experience, especially if you are frantically searching for your car after a multi-hour trip, when you would rather be at home in your chair, knows how annoying and frustrating it can be.

Find the My Carr app
This application helps you find your parked car.

But, like many other things, there is a simple and free solution to this problem too! For example, the aptly named Find My Car app serves such a purpose. By turning on the device’s positioning function, it can capture the vehicle’s location with an accuracy of a few meters with the help of satellites, and of course save it.

In addition, the program gives you the opportunity to add various notes to these saved places, for example, you can write the license plate number or type, which in the case of renting a car is not information that everyone remembers immediately. You can also take a photo within the program, and attach it to saved locations, to make it easier to find the hidden car. When we return to it, a map will appear showing the path the user must follow.

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