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Fishermen are asked to help spot flocks of cormorants

Fishermen are asked to help spot flocks of cormorants

For this winter, the Association of Sport Fishing Associations of Gyor Mosun Sopron County has received permission from the authorities to cull only 100 cormorants. But this number can be increased with a special permit, if they can prove the large number of fish-eating birds that cause great inconvenience to fishermen, and their appearance on different beaches. They are asking for help with this, and everyone is encouraged to send a very accurate and identifiable location and photo of where they saw flocks of cormorants.

Every year, the Association of Sport Fishing Associations of Gyor Mosun Sopron District requests permission to reduce the number of cormorants. According to the Hungarian Aquaculture and Fisheries Association (Mahal), 5,500 tons of fish are stolen from the waters every year, causing damage amounting to about 3.3 billion HUF.

District Assembly In his statement To be sure, it also creates a difficult situation because the competent authority gives permission to shoot fewer cormorants every year.

While there was a maximum allowed last year, only 100 were allowed this winter.

There is plenty of room for manoeuvre, if this number of copies is exhausted, a request can be made to reduce new copies with special permission and justifiable reason – with an evaluation deadline of eight days.

“Due to the common interest, we ask for help from our fellow fishermen: If you see flocks of cormorants, please send us a very precise, identifiable location (even with GPS coordinates) and a photo of the place where you saw the raptors. We welcome your messages to the email address info@ or via Messenger on our Facebook page,” they wrote in the information.

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Anyone who wants to send photos and information from this article by simply pressing a button can use the Pecaverzum story submission application, and we will send the received photos to the relevant district association.

A cormorant eats a catfish half a meter long in twenty seconds. Watch the video here!

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