Firefox password completion will be greatly improved

Firefox password completion will be greatly improved

Managing double-sided login forms becomes more efficient.

In recent years, a number of well-known web services have begun to annoy Internet users with two-sided login forms, which first ask for a username, and only need to enter the password after clicking the next button. Google and Microsoft, among others, use such a system, which they say, for example, makes the user experience of multiple accounts more transparent, but in turn wastes time using browser password fillers and slows down access.

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Fortunately, there’s now good news on the matter, the next built-in password manager after Firefox 91 will theoretically handle multi-page login forms smarter, with a better chance of filling in name and password fields automatically. This can speed up access to portals as users currently have to click more due to the two-way login mechanism, and development can greatly reduce their frustration.

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