The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

Firefighter instead of Honvéd – Note from Zsigmond Deák


It’s only been a month and a half since Istvan Bessant wished a good job in these columns after he “got back” to Honved’s little seat at the age of 50, and maybe I can tell you that he thanked me through a colleague for his encouraging words. It’s not as if we are like these comrades, in fact, we practically do not know each other, but because he is a normal person, which is why the article title: Relative to his heart. Well my good wishes seem to have faded when I screamed into the wild, the pro has already been replaced after a total of eight heroes.

I don’t think it is the classic embodiment of long-term confidence, but on the one hand, I am not in the locker room and in training to form an appropriate opinion of the coach’s work, and on the other hand, I am not present at the club. In danger of giving up “to act in their own hands” sooner. The point is the balance anyway: 2 wins, 3 draws, 3 defeats, 11th out of the scores of teams. He said it never came out of his skin when he created Pisont, and had the pleasure of working with NB I, but Honvéd was always more important to him than his solo ambition. Quietly ask: How important is Bison to Honfed? So much so, that you can stay in your beloved club’s squad.

The really interesting thing, which is almost randomly linked to another journalistic work last week (Exploding Ducks, Feb 11, 2021), is that this time not only the head coach, but the sports director as well. However, I just assumed – by the way – in the absence of the example from Kispest – that regardless of success, in this position, the back half of the person would be safer for the chair than the coach to the junior bench.

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Wasn’t Istvan Urbani fired for that ?! Over the years and decades, it was difficult for him to decide if his expertise was deep or just marketed. Anyway, his career as a professional manager and athlete described a lovely curve from BKV Forward in Újpest, Kecskemét, Maldives, Sporting Kansas City, Gyirmót, and Kaw Valley FC (be a stoning, but I’ve never heard of this American Fourth-Division League before) dating back to Honvéd . Again because, as a player, he played around a hundred matches in four installments with a jersey at Kispest. As a sporting director, he’s only given one year to prove it, plus an epidemic, and I repeat myself here: He didn’t have long-term confidence either, even though I wasn’t in the club to decide if it was right.

Now comes Ferenc Horvath, who had not had the opportunity to be a professional soccer player or coach at Kissbest while his education at Honved, but as a young career. To this limit. It was brought in by a firefighter with experience, although he said he should do the exact opposite: light a fire. I think the athletic director’s person is secondary this time, and he stays in primary school.

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