Firecrackers blinded a man in Naples

Firecrackers blinded a man in Naples

In Naples, the ban on fireworks on New Year’s Eve was broken by many, in part because of serious accidents in the southern Italian city. MTI wrote that a man smoking a cigarette in the street sustained a lost ammo and lost the last of his eyes while setting off a firecracker.

Fourteen people were injured in fireworks or firecrackers in Naples and the surrounding area.

At his worst, a 40-year-old Sri Lankan man was taken to hospital, where he took to the street to smoke a cigarette and was hit by a stray firearm. In southern Italy it is customary to shoot guns into the air in celebration.

A 53-year-old woman was hit in the eye by a firecracker explosion, a 47-year-old man lost his sight, and others sustained minor injuries. A twenty-one-month-old baby was injured by a spark plug.

a Gaetano Manfredi The fireworks and fireworks ordered by the mayor went into effect on the afternoon of December 31 and will continue until midnight Saturday. The ban came to stop overburdening hospitals full of coronavirus patients.

Despite this ruling, many fireworks were set off from balconies and roof terraces in Naples, and fireworks were set off in the most hidden streets. Unlike usual, the pop-up only lasted half an hour around midnight against fireworks that lasted for several hours in the years before the pandemic.

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