Fire doors and property protection - Flame Knights

Fire doors and property protection – Flame Knights

Plane magnets cannot be modified there either.

The light term is the rubble pile on the double-leafed fire door found in Budapest, XI. It is located in the basement of the district condominium, at the fire barrier between the garage and the stairs.

The fault can be traced back to construction more than 10 years ago, when the aircraft magnet for the access control system was etched onto the Numero Matricola-Anno EI2 60 door leaf. Of course, this way there was no room for a Class II air cart, so it was elegantly deleted.

Of course, the flat magnet, which could not be fixed there at the moment, could not withstand the pressure, the mounting bolts were loose, and the door could hardly be closed at the fire boundaries today.

54/2014 regarding the National Fire Protection Regulation. (XII.5) BM, the operator – in this case a condominium manager – is obligated to ensure the extraordinary review of the relevant technical solution and correct errors within 15 days after being aware of the conditions or deficiency that caused his performance, if

  • The technical solution in question did not perform its firefighting function during a fire, fire practice, or other event, or
  • The technical solution in question is not suitable for the intended fire protection function.

The condominium manager did not seem to have been very concerned with the issue.

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