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Finger-sized robotic vehicle, without battery | National Geographic

Finger-sized robotic vehicle, without battery |  National Geographic

the University of Washington It introduced the self-driving mini car that refuted that devices could not be transported or powered without batteries. The prototype of the tiny robot is just a centimeter long, weighs just 1.1 grams, and can move at a speed of 5.5 millimeters per second, using minimal power, barely 50 microwatts (one-thousandth of a watt). You can get the energy for this either from a miniature solar panel placed on top or from radio radiation. Miniaturization has made it possible for a robotic vehicle to require very little energy.

The small robot vehicle moves in a zigzag rhythm, as shown in the picture.

Source: University of Washington

The device can transport three times its weight, and even when transporting 1 gram, its speed decreases by only a quarter. The researchers showed the small robot working on 10 different types of surfaces, such as wood, concrete or soil. With the help of the sensor, it can find the place that provides the necessary light to extract energy and roll to it automatically (rolling is not regular, but occurs in small “steps”, intermittently). It is able to transmit the data detected by the sensor to a distance of 200 meters using radio.

Researchers report at a conference in Spain About their development. It is also possible to build a network of these devices that are able to change their location, and their advantage is their ability to move. It can be used to make measurements both in industrial and other environments, such as greenhouses, but can also be used to look for gas leaks or fire nests. And with the fact that these devices are able to move independently thanks to their sensors, specialists have also solved the problem of manual mode.

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